Fear and Health Cannot Coexist

Photo by  Paul Csogi  on  Unsplash

Photo by Paul Csogi on Unsplash

“Helplessness weakens the body; mastery strengthens the body.” Martin Seligman

Fear will never feed health. Fear feeds disease. We cannot fear our food, for our bodies sense our belief that it harms us and it will in turn respond to that belief. We cannot fear our environment, for our bodies sense the stress related to the effect of the environment upon our body and it responds in turn to our belief. We cannot fear our genes, for they will express the biology of fear. Fear becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy in our attempts to improve our health. Fear cannot and will not drive health.

Our beliefs drive our bodies to respond in kind. If you fear what might be in your food, in your environment, in your body, you are certainly human and you are a conscientious being. You care. You’re concerned. It matters to you. Make your cares count though. Help your concerns drive a different, and better outcome for you.

It is said that love and fear cannot coexist. Love is a primary driver of health and wellbeing; therefore, I say too that health and fear cannot not stand together.

You are an intricately complex entity with thoughts, emotions and feelings. We know now that our negative thoughts and our toxic emotions and past trauma that we’ve not healed or let go of can pervade our biology and create disease. Yet, if these things pervade our biology and create disease, can we not look at the other side of the coin?

Can we not infuse our biology with hope and trust, safety, love and confidence that our choices matter. Our choice that we will thrive from our food. Our choice to move well and immerse ourselves in nature. Our choice to be still and hear the call on our lives. Our desire to live and live fully.

We can trust and believe that the things we do each and every day feed our health, for our bodies will respond in kind. We can choose to believe that when we make the decision to eat more plants that they will promote happiness within our minds, an outward glow upon our skin, healing throughout our body, and positive genetic expression toward health. When we decide to move more, we can choose to believe that the steps we’re taking will lengthen our lives, strengthen our hearts, build our muscles, and create serenity and peace in our minds.

When we fill our lives with meaning and purpose, our biology responds. For the human organism was designed in the image of God and He has a place for you, and only you. You are here to shine your light. Shining your light outwardly also shines it inwardly. Your biology responds to light, much like a plant leans in the direction of the sun. Your biology craves fresh air, green spaces and the sounds of nature. It loves when we move this amazing body we’ve been given, for everything in our biology aligns with our movement and it affects how our incredible body is meant to work. We fulfill the balance that is intended within us.

You are wonderfully made. Remember always that you’ve been given the gift of creation. Not only all of creation to enjoy and appreciate. But also, creation of your own. You, too, are a creator. You can create your beliefs, your thoughts, your actions, and therefore, your reality. God has bestowed upon you the gift to create something that matters. For you. For others. And it starts with a belief. Will your beliefs feed your biology? Will they feed your genetic expression, your optimal health and your way forward? They can, and it starts with just one choice. Believe. Believe that you’re being nourished, that you’re continually immersed in love and care, and forever abounding in vitality. Because you are.