We see what’s right with you.

We are experts in behavior change. We help you get your health from where you are, to where you want you to be, on your terms. We're with you each step of the way. We help you recognize the good things already in your life. And we help you add in the other good things you desire. And if there are things that no longer serve you, we will help you explore options to change. Together, we will co-create a plan for flourishing in your life.

Some of these thoughts may be familiar to you: 

  • My doctor has told me that I need to make lifestyle changes, but I don't know where to start.

  • I worry about my risk for chronic disease based on my family history.

  • I feel like I have brain fog and I lack the energy to accomplish what I desire.

  • I'm concerned about burnout in my professional life.

  • I'm so busy and so stressed out. I just need time to focus on me.

  • What will my life look like in 10 years if I feel like this now?

Whatever your ideal vision for your health might be, Stepwise Health wants to hear about it. What matters most to you? What do you want to be doing in the future? These are some of the types of questions that your coach will ask you. Your coach will also work with you to identify your character strengths, as these are absolutely vital to fueling your health journey. We use the practice of both mindfulness and character strengths as a springboard for getting you started on your journey. These are two core foundations of building resilience and navigating the change process.

We will foster your positivity. Our approach is always based on what's going well for you. It's focused on what's right within you. We listen to your good news and also the challenges. And then we ask you powerful questions, to help you discover what may be holding you back from achieving the things that matter most to you.  

We will co-create a plan for health creation that involves the steps that are most important to you. And we will be your ally to provide support at each step of the way. We will celebrate accomplishments together and we will tackle the obstacles that occur. Your journey is our priority. 

The coaching relationship is a gift. A gift to not only you, but also to your coach, who wants to see you succeed in your health goals in order to thrive. 

Working with Allison was so rewarding! She is a great listener and was able to quickly zero in on the key action steps I needed to take to achieve my wellness goals. She brings a wealth of knowledge, experience, tools and resources to every client meeting and her recommendations are targeted and specific to her client’s particular needs. When you reach a milestone or experience a big breakthrough, or when you feel like you need some motivation, Allison is your biggest cheerleader! If you want to improve your health, make the investment in yourself-
hire Allison!
— Stepwise Health Client
What a wonderful coach. I will miss our chats and encouragement. I feel amazing and am starting to get compliments on how great I look. I will continue my new life journey. Thank you for your support.
— Stepwise Health Client