What would it feel like to regain the energy you once had?

What’s possible for you when you have the energy you desire?

Let’s find out together.

Our signature Re-Energize program is a 6-month deep-dive into discovering what fuels your lifestyle so that you can do the things that matter most to you to fulfill your purpose in the world. We help you change when change is hard.

  • Build your ENERGY through a supportive relationship dedicated to your personal growth

  • Actively ENGAGE in the activities you desire

  • Discover which FOODS and ways of eating make you feel your best

  • Rewire your brain to focus on what’s RIGHT with you

  • Live in ALIGNMENT with your “why”, your values and your purpose

  • Engage in movement that’s ENJOYABLE to you

  • Focus on the way you RECHARGE best

  • Gain a keen AWARENESS of what fuels you

  • Cultivate a MINDSET that opens up new possibilities for you

  • Build new, LONG-LASTING habits that work for you, on your terms

  • FEEL better and live your HEALTHIEST life

  • Receive SUPPORT that’s positive, non-judgmental, welcoming and nurturing

  • CHANGE your life

Why Energy?

Increasing the energy you feel is one of the best indicators we’ve found to reflect that your digestion is improving and all the cells of your body are getting the nutrients they need for the powerhouses of your cells to function optimally.

This program is NOT for you if:

  • You’re interested in a quick fix or a pill for your energy

  • You want a one-size-fits-all approach

  • Your health is not a priority

  • You are not open to change

  • You are not open to engaging in “mini-experiments” to learn about what makes you feel your best

  • You are not willing to invest your time and energy into personal growth

What’s included:

  • Unparalleled access to your own personal health coach to help you navigate your Re-Energize journey

  • One 90-minute foundation session (phone or video chat) to explore your vision for wellness and co-create your personal plan

  • Twelve 45-minute follow up sessions (phone or video chat) every two weeks to provide unconditional support for your continued progress toward your vision

  • Opportunity to discover which foods energize you and make you feel your best as well as support with food plans, recipes and meal planning resources

  • Culinary coaching to support you in cooking simple, fresh meals from scratch at home

  • Character strengths assessment to help you know what’s right with you and to leverage these gifts in your life to support what matters to you

  • Instant access to your coach through the Healthie platform and app to track your goals and progress through your journey

  • Personalized accountability and resources to help you achieve your unique goals, including your own unique relapse-prevention plan

  • Surprises and gifts along the way to support your journey

  • Regular communication from your coach to your healthcare provider about your progress (with your authorization)

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